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ERDWELLE Air Purifier Machine
Technological and Innovative Production

ERDWELLE strives to protect human health and increase the quality of life, prioritizing product, environment and employee safety, while contributing to the national economy. We work with all our strength to achieve the high standards we have set, while making pioneering and innovative breakthrough by using local and national opportunities for our country and our industry.

ERDWELLE company management, closely following the developments in the sector and new demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading companies in the health sector with its strong administrative and technical staff and financial model. Our company, which continues to invest in major R&D based engineering projects since its founding, Strive to accomplish many exemplary, first rate, innovative and solution-oriented projects with its pioneering and exemplary approach in every region of UAE and continues its R&D studies.


Air Disinfection Device
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We are flexible, can retrofit our equipment to most difficult of projects or most challenging of refurbishments without any issues.

ERDWELLE AirPurifier Device

A healthy adult breathes an average of 11,000 liters of air a day, and for a modern urban person, 90% of this takes place in closed environments like home, office, gym, café, restaurant, shopping mall, etc. Air pollution is perceived more as a problem related to the outdoor environments, but contrary to this common conception, indoor environments are at greater risk in terms of air pollution.

Air quality in confined spaces is in general tend to be 2 to 5 times worse than in open spaces. Poor air quality can cause many organ and system disorders, including respiratory diseases (especially asthma, CODP, etc.), as well as infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

“A Healthy Life With ERDWELLE”

Germs mold, allergens, and other organic particles in the air we breathe are positively charged. Than to Nano Titanium and Oxygen plasma technologies, which are only used in ERDWELLE Air Disinfection Devices and patented by our company, all positively charged particles are neutralized with negatively charged oxygen atoms produced by the device.

Two basic methods are used in alternative air cleaning devices that are currently on the market: first capture of microorganisms by filtering: second, elimination by US (ultraviolet) light.

Air Purifier Machine
Bacteria And Viruses
Bad Smells
Detromentl Organics
Disinfectant Consumption
Mold Taxin Allergic
Toxic Harmful Gases

ERDWELLE Air Disinfection Device
Area of Usage

Our air purifiers utilization can be from remove gaseous and pollutant contained in the air to medical and professional use. Use a purifier is an efficient way to disinfect floor, remove all the gaseous, pollutant and bad smells without putting our health and our environment at risk.

Delivery Rooms
Dental Clinics
Education Institutions
Health Facility
Intensive Care Units
Meeting And Convention Center
Newborn Care Units
Penal Institutions
Public Institutions
Residental Units
Restaurants And Cafes
Shopping Malls
Veterinary Clinics

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